Nicole Pfister


Founder of ANUK Label 2009

Currently based in New York City for an artist residency, Nicole’s work resonates with a sensitivity that orbits beyond the ordinary and far off from what the human eye can see.

Her visuals are cinematic in style and her technical vision strives to capture timeless images with yet highly contemporary aesthetic.

With a background in fine art, design, illustration, dance and her work as a record label owner, she creates on different levels of manifestation. Over the years she has worked in set and costume design, as a choreographer, art director, photographer, illustrator, writer, producer, editor and director.

❛ In our world on the scale of atoms material objects never really touch ❜

❛ Our senses are ill-adapted for the wonderland laws of speedlight. ❜

❛ Images and sound that can't be brought into context, are likely to be suppressed by the brain. Please save them consciously ❜

❛ The theory might be outside the computational system ❜

❛ 299'792'458 m/s ❜

❛ Now you are here. It's 7.43. Now you are here. It's 7.44. ❜

❛ What's the speed of consciousness. ❜