Nicole Pfister


Nicole’s is a self-taught visual artist within the fields of illustration, fine art, photography and film. 2009 she founded the Switzerland based jazz record company ANUK Label and co-produced up to 40 albums until now. 

Focused on film and photography her work resonates with a sensitivity that orbits beyond the ordinary and far off from what the human eye can see.

Her visuals are cinematic in style and her technical vision strives to capture timeless images with yet highly contemporary aesthetic.

Over the years she has worked in set and costume design, as a choreographer, art director, photographer, illustrator, writer, producer, editor and director.

2021 SHORTLISTED BEST FASHION FILM @ Berlin Fashion Film Festival with Die Prophezeiung
2021 INTENSION Performance @ Tanzmehr Festival Zurich & Kunst im Depot Winterthur
2020 INTENSION Performance @ Gewächshaus Elfenau Bern
2019 WOMXN IN FILM III @ Distill Creative Brooklyn New York
2019 A FEELING THAT NEVER GOES AWAY 'An Inimate Thing' @ Galerie Chappe Paris
2019 ASTRONAUT @ Risk Magazine NYC / LA
2018 MOTHER*FUCKERS @ Galerie Milieu Bern / LA
2018 BRANDY @ PORNY DAYS Film Kunst Festival Zürich
2018 WOMEN TO THE FRONT Volume III @ Superchief Gallery Brooklyn New York
2018 WOMEN TO THE FRONT Volume II @ Superchief Gallery Brooklyn New York
2018 ARTIST IN RESIDENCE @ Redhouse Manhatten New York sponsored by the City Of Berne
2018 WHY WE DANCE @ Folium Zurich
2017 TOTENTANZ by Nina Stadler @ Bernisches Historisches Museum & Kulturkasino Theater Bern
2017 ANUK LABEL WEEK @ Bird’s Eye Jazzclub Basel
2016 WERKSCHAU BERN @ Kornhausforum Bern
2015 DESIGN FESTIVAL BERN @ Progr Zentrum fuer Kulturproduktion Bern
2014 OH YEAH! Pop Music in Switzerland @ Museum Fuer Kommunikation Bern
2011 BEJAZZ WINTERFEST @ Vidmarhallen Bern

2009 Founder of ANUK Label #RecordLabel





❛ In our world on the scale of atoms material objects never really touch ❜

❛ Our senses are ill-adapted for the wonderland laws of speedlight. ❜

❛ Images and sound that can't be brought into context, are likely to be suppressed by the brain. Please save them consciously ❜

❛ The theory might be outside the computational system ❜

❛ 299'792'458 m/s ❜

❛ Now you are here. It's 7.43. Now you are here. It's 7.44. ❜

❛ What's the speed of consciousness. ❜